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Lutron WBGT-2010SD Heat Index WBGT Meter Kategori: Heat Index WBGT Meter | 319 Kali Dilihat

Lutron WBGT-2010SD Heat Index WBGT Meter Reviewed by tokoalatukur on . This Is Article About Lutron WBGT-2010SD Heat Index WBGT Meter

Lutron WBGT-2010SD WBGT (wet-bulb globe temperature) was developed as a monitoring basis at US military training camps and became widespread for the use in workplaces and sports situation It is suggested in the international standard ISO 7243, OSHA (US Occupation Safety), Japan Society for Occupational Health and the SMA (Sports Medicine Australia)… Selengkapnya »

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    Harga:Rp 6.380.000Kode Produk: Lutron WBGT-2010SD
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